Menopause Itchy Skins


About DON'T PAUSEDON’T PAUSE is an all-natural herbal product that is designed to address the 45 symptoms of menopause. Women have long experienced diverse menopause symptoms ranging from hot flashes and night sweats to urinary incontinence and dry skin. Unfortunately, the symptoms and effects on women’s general and emotional health have long gone unrecognized and under-recognized and are often not treated or poorly treated.

Lifestyle habits are often beneficial for managing menopause symptoms, but some women may need additional support. DON’T PAUSE is designed to provide women with that extra boost whether they are suffering from itchy skin menopause or other symptoms that affect their digestive systems, reproductive systems or emotional health.

Menopause is a natural process that often begins in a woman’s late 30s or early 40s. Symptoms can begin as much as a decade before menopause. This period is known as perimenopause or pre-menopause. Women who have not had their menstrual cycle for a full year are said to be in menopause rather than perimenopause.

While symptoms can be uncomfortable, it is important that women remember that menopause is a natural process rather than a sign of sickness or weakness. It can begin a new life stage and new opportunities. Managing symptoms naturally can give women more control over their experiences as they enter this new chapter of their lives.

All-natural DON’T PAUSE contains a proprietary formula that addresses the numerous symptoms of menopause so that women can live their lives on their own terms and without being held back by bothersome menopause symptoms.

Remember, Menopause is not a phase, it is the rest of our lives.

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